Let’s get together: Relearning the power of small group instruction in pre-K. Jenn Rogers


  • Mental development
  • Social-emotional development
  • Physical development

Why playing?

Who plays? Everybody!!

What happens during play?

How long should play last?

Can we teach?


Whole group: read a book

Small group: questioning the book


  • You can communicate better
  • Create a safe environment for students
  • Children feel confident
  • You can know your students better: likes, dislikes, difficulties.



Small group instruction:

  • Play with children outside
  • Could happen in learning centers

Small group stations:

  • 4 stations: 2 teachers directed, 2 independently
  • Provide ample learning materials. All children, especially infants and toddlers, benefit from having many different, safe things to play with and inspect. Many objects, typically found around home and the community, offer opportunities for children’s discovery and learning. For example, a set of metal or unbreakable plastic mixing bowls can become tools for children to figure out concepts such as big and small when they try to nest or stack the bowls.
  • Encourages creativity and collaborative work (create daily journals, short videos, newsletters)
  • 45 minutes each day
  • Groups are not separated by skills.



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