Examining the teacher’s role during center time: how to maximize collaboration, communication, and engagement through play. Sandra Linder/Andrea Emerson/Koti Hubbard/Charlotte Taylor

Colaboration → your kids can help you


  • Increase the amount of open-ended questioning throughout center time.
  • Decrease the amount of subjected centered questions.
  • Increase the amount of person centered and process centered questions.
  • Try not to “Show and Tell”


  • Know where you children are in the stages of play and try to move them towards collaborative play.
  • Increase collaboration by encouraging children to work in pairs during centers.
  • Increase reflection for children- give them opportunities to discuss what they did in centers with their peer (talk about what they do).


  • Increase connections to children’s families/ home contexts during center time.
  • Set the stage in each center- have a problem for them to solve together.
  • Move materials rather than children





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